- Formulated to bond to road surfaces--a protective and sealing "Road-Over-Coat"
Weather/humidity/temperature tolerant.
​- Dries quickly
Uniform dark black color
ROC can be used in cold winter weather and up to the hottest summer months, allowing crews to seal and finish roads YEAR ROUND.
LOW COST:  Less than $0.05 (five cents) a square foot
Use on new chip seal to lock down aggregate after only one course.  No 2nd course chipseal needed.

ROC locks, seals & gives the look of fresh black paved road at a fraction of the cost!

Use on old "zebra marked" roads to seal and turn solid black.   Looks good and extends road life.  Less maintenance.  Delays replacing.
Fewer citizen complaints.  No pings!
Extremely black surface shows stripes well.
Extends road life & lowers road maintenance by blocking damaging UV sun deterioration & also seals water from infiltration.

Non-Hazardous/Eco-Friendly/No Placard or mask necessary/Not E.P.A. regulated.


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