CWE-2 (NO BLEED Chipseal)

- P2's formulas have "temperature control"-- (unlike commodity products such as CRS-2) -- which reduces bleeding during extreme summer heat.  
Extends your calendar for chipseal work -- More efficient.  Extends work schedule into the cooler months! CWE-2 enables you to schedule road work during hot summer months--and also in winter, below normal working temps
​- Reduce expensive delays & weather damage -- Never wait to seal roads again!  This reduces chance of cold or rain damage (and the need to repeat work later).  Save time & $$$.
- Easy to apply -- With distributor truck or equivalent equipment.  Smooth spray. No clogs or sieve.  Apply in both cool and hot weather.
Single/double course chipseal -- Recommend rock with no excessive dust; rock size #4 (3/8") & #5 (1/4") for best results.
Stable material -- Storage (100-130 degrees) under heat up to 3 months.
NON-HAZARDOUS; ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE; NON-VOLATILE; NON-FLAMMABLE.  Not E.P.A Regulated.  Fully meets TXDOT Items 300, 314.1, 314.2, 314.3 (1)(2) and 316.2.

CWP (All Weather Pothole Patch)

- Our Pothole Patch asphalt-emulsion is specially formulated to work in ALL patch machines.


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