CWE-2 - No Bleed Chip Seal

Proprietary Formula. Certified Sole Source Product.
TxDot Lab Certified to State Requirements.

P2's unique formula exhibits temperature control (unlike CRS-2) and eliminates road bleeding during summer heat. CWE-2 can be applied in a broader range of temperatures, enabling application in cooler weather, up to 10-20 degrees below the normal temperatures for all other chip seals.

  • Reduces bleed in summer – Unlike CRS-2’s documented negligible bleed under extreme road surface heat.
  • Extends your calendar for chip seal work – Increased efficiency, extending the work schedule into the cooler months!
  • Reduces expensive delays & weather damage – Never wait to seal roads again, reducing the chance of cold or rain damage (and the need to repeat work later)! Save time and money.
  • Easy application with distributor truck or equivalent. Smooth spray, No clogs or sieve. Apply in cool or hot weather!
  • Single/Double Course chip seal contains the recommended rock with no excessive dust. Rock size #4 (3/8”) & #5 (1/4”) for best results.
  • Stable material – Can be stored under heat (100 – 130 degrees) up to three months.
  • Extends road life, reduces potholes & cracks!
  • Allows no water or oil penetration!
  • Fast & efficient workability!

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