P2 Road Stabilizer

  • Proprietary Formula
  • Certified Sole Source Product
  • TxDot Lab Certified

Proprietary Formula. Certified Sole Source Product.
TxDot Lab Certified to State Requirements.

P2 Stabilizer is our proprietary asphalt emulsion soil stabilizer. P2 Stabilizer is easy and safe to use, incorporates with existing soil “as is” without requiring additional aggregate, tradition maximum or expensive traditional stabilizers, such as lime, soil cement, acid additives or base. Never again will you need to use expensive and time consuming lime. P2 Stabilizer increases base density and hardness, while maintaining the asphalt's characteristics of flexibility and waterproofing. No “mix design” necessary. Just add one product and you’re done!

Product Advantages

  • Traffic still flows during road work!
  • Consistency of product – stable & dependable every time!
  • Easy to apply - Set your rate in the distributor truck and GO!
  • Waterproofs the base – Makes the road last longer, reduces potholes, cracks and stops water penetration.
  • Fast – Complete a half mile of road base per day!
  • Labor Cost – Less crew down-time and more road finished each day!
  • Product coats aggregate at approximately 90% (Other products coat at 50%).
  • Workability – Our formula governs the emulsion’s break time, allowing easy workability for the crew and then breaks for extreme base hardness.
  • Non-hazardous, environmentally safe, non-volatile & non-flammable. P2 Road Stabilizer is not E.P.A. regulated but fully meets TxDOT items 300, 314.1, 314.2 and 314.3 (1)(2).
Road Stabilizer Road Stabilizer

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