ROC - Road Over Coat

  • Proprietary Formula
  • Certified Sole Source Product

New Sole Source Formula
Proprietary Formula. Certified Sole Source Product.

"ROC" is formulated to bond to existing road surfaces and serves as a protective and sealing "Road Over Coat."

  • Weather/humidity/temperature tolerant.
  • Dries quickly in a uniform dark black.
  • Low cost – less than 5 cents per square foot.
  • Use on new chip seal to lock down aggregate after only one course.
  • No second course chip seal needed.
  • "ROC" locks, seals & gives the look of fresh black pavement at a fraction of the cost.
  • Use on old "zebra marked" roads to seal and turn solid black. Extends road life,looks good and performs with less maintenance, delaying replacement.

Additional Benefits of "ROC"

  • No VOC’s! (Volatile Organic Compounds) unlike other products containing diesel or other volatiles.
  • Fewer citizen complaints. No pings!
  • Extremely black surface shows stripes well.
  • Extends road life & lowers road maintenance by blocking damaging UV deterioration & also seals, preventing water infiltration.

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