P2 Emulsions is the leading innovator in the development of road-building, road repair & maintenance, as well as riding surface and road seal products--- all contain NO VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) which mean they are NON-HAZARDOUS, ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE, NON-VOLATILE, AND NON-FLAMMABLE.  P2' asphalt emulsion products will not harm water tables; spills will not create "fish kills" in surrounding ponds or lakes; and P2 material will not cause harm to birds or wildlife - or humans - who may be accidently exposed.

Our products are SOLE SOURCE/PROPRIETARY formulas protected under Trade Secret patent. 

P2 is owned and operated by an outstanding team of dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the asphalt industry.  Our lead product developer has over 40 years experience in formula engineering of specialty asphalt emulsions.  He utilized that knowledge to formulate P2's products to outperform the commodity products currently available - and in the process changed the emulsion world by offering the only series of earth-friendly asphalt emulsions that contain no VOC's, may be diluted with water instead of current practice of diesel like products, does not require protective clothing or goggles, and can stabilize any regular dirt road into a granite hardness - HALF A MILE in a DAY, start to finish!


Our company focuses on the customer with this emphasis:
- on site technical advice
- the right product,
- for the right road,
- delivered ON TIME, EVERYTIME!!!


- P2 Emulsions offers a variety of innovative cost-effective products which will improve and extend the life of your roads to make your road-building dollar more effective!!!

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